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OTT + IPTV with Internet: Redefining ISPs Business Model

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

You may take advantage of the potential and enter the content distribution sector. Previously, distribution was reliant on DTH networks and cable. However, the emergence of OTT and IPTV eliminated the intermediary, allowing them to directly access their target audience.

Users simply need a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smart TV, as well as an internet connection, to view any material, at anytime and from any location. You can get paid directly by users. Just connect the payment gateway and receive funds immediately into your bank accounts.

When offering OTT + IPTV services along with your internet services, you will just have to incur the cost of setting up, launching, and administering multi-device OTT services, which is less than the cost of establishing and sustaining a cable TV channel. You now have a completely new revenue source from OTT and IPTV Streaming. You can even launch OTT and IPTV services with a slew of new features, including multi-screen alternatives like smart TVs, tablets, and mobile devices.

Why OTT + IPTV with Internet?

In the recent past, there has been a shift in the pattern of Television viewer-ship. People are migrating away from conventional Cable Television and toward streaming services. OTT + IPTV provides a new opportunity for you to monetize their content. You may create income from multiple sources by charging clients for the services they provide. For example, direct revenue from internet connections, OTT, and IPTV subscriptions. Digital advertisements are becoming more common, which has an impact on big broadcasters' revenues. Digital advertisements have been bring more revenue than traditional advertisements, you need to consider such factors to switch to OTT+IPTV. As an ISP, you have a great chance to take advantage of this extra income.

With consumers switching to OTT and IPTV-based services, now is the time to capitalize on the market's paradigm shift and attract new clients. You can also inject local advertisements and content to generate additional income. Offering high-quality content with minimal latency can boost consumer satisfaction and retention. With the Internet plus OTT & IPTV, you may get a lead over your rivals while competing with Big Telco's. Provide a cohesive solution and get the benefits.

Other benefits available to ISPs include:

  • IPTV/OTT services can be deployed quickly and easily.

  • Scope for customization and adaptability.

  • Integration with the Subscriber Management System.

  • Low initial investment and works with existing IP network.

  • Tools for advanced monetization.

  • Improved branding through white-label app.


OTT + IPTV is regarded as the future of television, with people preferring unified services over traditional cable TV. Offer customer an unlimited array of content from both local and global OTT platforms as well as Live TV through IPTV. Provide your customers with high quality content with minimum latency. Grow your business with unified solutions that can increase your income multiple folds. Customers want a single connection, a single subscription, and infinite entertainment.

Digital ads have been generating huge revenues. With consumers being online always, digital ads have taken over the traditional ads. This is a golden opportunity for ISPs to run ads on their services and generate revenue. Big Telco's have transitioned towards providing IPTV+OTT along with their Internet service. With this they have been acquiring more subscribers and generating additional revenue.

Infynect Labs offers SUPERLAUNCH PACK, a unified OTT + IPTV solution that allows ISPs to increase revenues, generate multiple revenue streams, and provide superior customer experience. Join us now and help us to redefine content delivery.

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