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The next-level guest experience requires more than just regular hotel TV with linear TV channels for entertainment. An experience that delivers a premium guest experience to every screen in the room.

The solutions developed using the latest OTT/IPTV media distribution and cloud media technology, especially for the hotel industry. Upgrade the room to convenient intelligent information and entertainment terminals with interactive smart TVs. Delight your guests with technology that integrates information and entertainment alongside other value-added services. 


Make your guest feel at home with a tailored and seamless streaming and information experience.



Enhance the quality of your guests' stay. Present your dishes on TV in a way that mesmerizes them. Whether your guests are looking for biryani to feed their desi cravings, soul comforting pizzas, or even a cup of tea or coffee, they can conveniently browse and order it through the TV. 


Make your guest feel just like at home. Provide beautiful and compelling streaming experiences with access to high-quality premium content from all popular OTTs without having to use their personal credentials. Also, provide information about amenities available on your property through the OTT.


Provide your guests with a full range of live HD television channels. Whether you simply want Freeview channels or you want to impress your international guests with a range of local/international language channels, you can choose from a range of channels to fit your hotel environment.


Improve your in-room hospitality by allowing your guests to request or schedule a service they need on the go and over the same screen while watching their favorite show or movie, without having to flag down the room service staff.


Bring your guests, passions, and places together. Allow your guests to browse and find the tourist attractions near the hotel at their convenience. The faster and easier you provide guests with the information they need, the higher they get delighted.


Manage your subscriptions, STBs for all rooms through a single easy-to-use dashboard that can integrate well with your in-use CRM technology. In addition, also manage guest bookings, check-ins, check-outs, food orders, and services requests from your guests through the dashboard.

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