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OTT - The Paradigm Shift

Updated: May 31, 2022

The Covid Pandemic has disrupted the Indian Entertainment Industry in a big way. With the theatres being closed most of the time since March 2020 and restrictions in place for many activities, there has been a long pause to the “mega releases” which were synonymous with Indian movies. Even famous reality shows or mega sporting events are suspended. The big banner movies have either delayed the release or gone the OTT way.

However, all is not lost. The recent success of OTT releases which saw millions of views within a few hours have proved that OTT is no longer a poorer sibling to the Theatres when it comes to releasing blockbusters. The viewers may not be able to get the same experience as in the Theatres, but definitely the new OTT wave is changing the way entertainment industry works.

Today in India, there are over 100 OTT platforms, big and small, some are famous, some are struggling. The OTT industry is growing at a pace of over 25% year-on-year and is not affected by the pandemic. In fact as more and more people prefer to stay indoors, every service is reaching at the doorstep, be it Essential Products, Food Delivery, Personal Services and many more. So while coming to home entertainment, it has to the natural shift – to the OTT.

So, looking the increasing demand for the OTT services, which has many benefits to the viewers in terms of choices and flexibility, the Telcos and Service Providers are racing to add OTT services to their existing products and services. The OTT providers are also not looking back and creating attractive opportunities to promote the contents through the Service Providers. However, creating own OTT platform is not easy for all and even if someone creates the platform, getting the content from various sources is another difficult job. But not any more...

Skie TV is one such platform that creates the branded OTT platform for any Service Provider, be it small or large, in the Metro or in a remote place. Moreover, it comes with curated contents of Movies, Serials, Web Series, Sports, News and much more. Now everyone can join the movement and no one will remain left behind for lack of resources.

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